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Dave Corwin
Singer-Songwriter Multi-Instrumentalist Producer / Rock / Funk / AOR

Two Films in Fright Night Festival

Two Films in Fright Night Festival

Dave Corwin  gets two films into the popular Fright Night Film Festival, held in Atlanta, Georgia. The first film, Apollumi is a story about a son who lives with his grandfather. The grandfather just happens to be a puppet. In Strange Creepy Science, we experience an homage to a similarly titled movie from the 80s. Dave did the sound and music for both pieces.

Apollumi  Strange Creepy Science

Dave Corwin's Musical Influences (or) If You Like These You'll Like Dave Corwin!

• David Bowie • John Lennon • Peter Gabriel • Cat Stevens •Jeff Lynne and ELO • Ray Davies and The Kinks • Funkadelic • Parliament • Johnny Clegg and Juluka • The Red Hot Chili Peppers • U2

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