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Singer-Songwriter Multi-Instrumentalist Producer / Rock / Funk / AOR

New Site for 2016!

New Site for 2016!

Welcome to the new Dave Corwin site! I’ve been using my middle name, Corwin, since I was 12 years old, thinking perhaps my last name, Polcino, was a little hard to pronounce. During the last year I tried to retire Corwin and go by David Polcino. But recently there has been a surge of Dave Corwin interest. So welcome to The 2016 Dave Corwin site!

Dave Corwin's Musical Influences (or) If You Like These You'll Like Dave Corwin!

• David Bowie • John Lennon • Peter Gabriel • Cat Stevens •Jeff Lynne and ELO • Ray Davies and The Kinks • Funkadelic • Parliament • Johnny Clegg and Juluka • The Red Hot Chili Peppers • U2

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