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Ht: 5’8”       Eyes: Blue
Wt: 150      Hair: Black

Lovesick Fool                           Dominic Polcino, Mezmo Prod.
Raveonettes Video                 John John, AOL Music
Myth Busters Spoof               Lion Entertainment, Discovery
Still Wake                                 Max DeLeo Productions
Searching Subconsciously     Chris Gibbons
3, 2, 1, Clown                           Michele Gottlieb Productions
Absolute Horror                      Steve Oakley, Grunder Films
Am I Blue?                                Biscuits & Gravy Productions

No Shame                              Various                  No Shame Theatre, Los Angeles
Oil On The Moon                  Lead (George)       Celebrity Centre Theatre
Closer                                     Lead (Dan)             The Buica Theatre
Love & Human Remains     Lead (Bernie)         The Buica Theatre

Scene Study / Improv                    Marcie Smolin, The Actors Circle, Los Angeles
Advanced Scene Study                  Sydney Walsh, The Acting Corps, Los Angeles
Advanced Technique                     Aaron Ganz, The Acting Corps, Los Angeles
Commercial Class                          Daphne Kirby, Los Angeles
Hey, I Saw Your Commercial        Mike Pointer, Los Angeles
Meisner Technique                        Sean Dougherty, The Acting Corps, Los Angeles
Chekhov Technique                       Carrie Dobro, The Acting Corps, Los Angeles
Scene Study, Script Analysis         Kennedy Brown, The Acting Corps, Los Angeles
Improv / Sketch Comedy               Will McLaughlin, Upright Citizens Brigade, LA
Cold Reading, Scene Study            Billy Cowart, WCI Studios, Los Angeles
Improvisation                                  Jacquie Lowell, San Diego
Filmmaking                                      NY Alternative Film School

• Singing - vocal range: bari-tenor - Guitar, bass, trumpet, piano, drums, percussion
• Filmmaking, video editing, 3D modeling / animation, advanced computer skills
• Tai chi chuan • Audio/visual/sound studio operator